1 credit = 2 ₹

100 credits = 200 ₹

cheatcall: 5 credits = 10 ₹

cheatcall+: 5 credits = 10 ₹ per callee

Buy 100 credits for 200 ₹ (= 3 US$) using your credit card or Paypal.

The secured payment is done online using Paypal, but it is not mandatory to have a Paypal account.

The recharge is instantly effective.

The credits have no time limit.

Sponsor your friends, you will get 5 free credits automatically each time one of your affiliates will buy 100 credits.

At his registration, your affiliate shall fill in your username in the dedicated field. You may have as many affiliates as you wish.

Invite your friends to discover the cheatcall services. An explanation mail may be sent to your email address so that you can forward it freely to your contacts.

Get 5 free credits to try the service of cheatcall.

Fill in your mobile phone number* to receive a gift code by SMS.

Your phone number +91

*cheatcall undertakes to not disclose your personal information to third parties, whether your email address, or your phone number or the phone numbers used in your requests.